Mobile NFL Betting NZ

The esteemed institution of the American NFL (National Football League) and means that everyone who plays, watches or NFL bets on the games enjoys play of the highest standards. The Leagues is based in the United States, but there are just as many enthusiasts in New Zealand. Technological advances mean that you can watch and bet on the Stateside games from anywhere, and wireless NFL betting allows you to take the fun with you wherever you go. To learn more about the thrills of wireless mobile betting in New Zealand, read our mobile NFL betting guide below.

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Mobile NFL Betting Possibilities

To help keep the action fresh and new, you can place several different kinds of wagers on NFL games. Before putting any money down, make sure you do thorough research. Check expert opinions of players and teams, recent histories and any history that the teams have of playing against each other. AS you get more familiar with the wagers you will find what works best for you, and we’ve listed the basic offerings below to start you off.

  • When you buy points, you acquire points for the side you are backing on a Pointspread game and effectively reduce the handicap of your favoured team.
  • Single bets are made on the outcome of single events. These very simple NFL bets are a great place for novices to begin, but they are so easy and beneficial that many experienced punters prefer them as well. The easiest way to do this is to bet on the NFL Point Spread or the Money Line if there is no Spread.
  • Multi Single bets are more advanced, and allow you to bring all you single wagers into one pool. This is not to be confused with a Parlay, because all NFL bets involved are processed individually. You can also bring single bets from other sports betting into your NFL betting blends. These wagers and the software that comes along with them are superb and really help you to manage your wagers effectively. You can even set different amounts for each line and can use it to work out how much you need to bet to enable you to reach your goal.
  • The real Parlay bets are also a popular choice as you progress on your punting adventures, allowing you to bet on as many as twelve bets at once. All of them are treated as one, so each of them need to win for you to be paid out. The risks on this wager are high, but the rewards are equally so.
  • Round Robins are another form of specialised Parlays and involve three or more sets in parlays of two teams against each other that you may use when placing online baseball bets. Teaser bets are another specialised Parlay variation, where the lines of all games are adjusted to increase the likelihood of beneficial outcomes. This does mean more advantage to you, but to compensate for this your potential payout is less.
  • Punts known as If bets are triggered only if a preceding wager is won, so the overall risk profile is less on each wager.
  • Finally, the Reverse bet is a great hero of the NFL betting world. Here you predict the teams that will place second and first in the League. The order doesn’t matter, so your risk is reduced.

Keep Practicing NFL Bets to Refine Your Skills

The more NFL bets you place, the more you will enjoy NFL betting and the more you will want to indulge in it. Practice makes perfect, and is happily great fun as well.