Mobile AFL Betting NZ

Of all sports fans in the world, football enthusiasts are the most ardent, and there are no greater football supporters than those in New Zealand. Putting money on the outcome of a tournament and then awaiting the outcome breathlessly can really immerse you and take your enjoyment to a whole new level. The most exciting wagers are to be made on Australian Football League (AFL), and there are several different types. With different levels of complexity to the punts, beginners and more seasoned players will both find challenges to enjoy.

As always we recommend that you conduct as much research as possible before engaging in any mobile betting in New Zealand, on AFL games or anything else. It’s important to consider all facts and also to listen to your own instincts, and the more you place AFL bets and do research the more you will be able to combine the two astutely. While we do encourage listening to your own gut feelings as part of shrewd decision makings, we actively discourage allowing emotional responses to have too much influence. This can be quite challenging for fans with long-established ties to a particular team, but try to put sports reporters’ opinions, AFL betting odds and any statistics you find in the forefront of your mind when making AFL betting decisions.

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AFL Betting Odd NZ

The AFL is very busy, so there are several different AFL bets on offer at mobile New Zealand bookmakers all the time. The most basic AFL bets are those where you simply predict a winner. Each team has different AFL betting odds so there is often a Points spread that must be exceeded before you are paid out. These AFL bets are so user-friendly that they are a great starting point for novices to begin.

Another simple bet to try as you continue on your AFL betting journey is to punt on a player scoring a specific amount of points or exceeding a goal in their personal running or defensive statistics.

Exciting exotic multiple bets are also available at certain points in the calendar to challenge your developing betting skills even more. During these times there are enough matches run to take bracket bets, where you can predict who will take individual game titles as well as the whole tourney and be very handsomely rewarded if you are correct. You can also make other long term AFL bets, such as which teams will be at the top of the points ladder in a specific season. Correct predictions are paid out at the end of the season much like you would for online rugby bets.

For a great bit of entertainment, some of the mobile AFL betting sites reviewed here allow you to create a fantasy team made up of all your favourite players. If your dream team is named as the best one you are given a generous prize, which adds even more fun to proceedings.

Mobile AFL Bets

Sports betting sites in New Zealand take their cue from customers, and so treat the game of football and AFL betting with the gravitas they deserve. Wagering on AFL games always holds the possibility of a good payout, and underdog teams actually quite often end up winning while favourites end up losing. Such possibilities keep the game exciting, and serious players need to keep a very close eye on all developments in the League. Happily the game is entertaining enough to ensure this, and the payouts that result are superb.