Mobile Cycling Betting NZ

Cycling betting has long been a bookmaker favourite, and today online and mobile betting shops are bringing this enjoyment to a much wider audience. The research and careful thought that is necessary for successful punting are very enjoyable and to be relished by any thinking player. Read our guide to betting on cycling events below, to ensure maximum enjoyment and returns.

Start Mobile Cycling Bets with the Major Events

While there are many races to enjoy exploring and cycling betting on, the Grand Tours in Europe are a great place to begin and cut your teeth before taking the skills you have learnt further afield. Each of these three events has twenty-one stages and is ridden over twenty-three days unlike the short bursts seen in greyhound racing bets.

Firstly, the captivating Tour de Franc is 3200 kilometres long and can be tracked as an overall even and through individual daily heats. In the Giro d’Italia riders traverse the entire country of Italy and several of its neighbours. Lastly, the Vuelta a España, inspired by the first two events, is one of the best ways to see the beauty of Spain. Each of these marathon events offers a range of different cycling betting opportunities. You can apply all the advice below, and then use what you learn with other races, including those of different lengths such a one day races, as your confidence grows.

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Online Cycling Bet Varieties

In cycling, the most popular cycling bets are the Race Winner, Stage Winner and Head-to-Head Bets. In the first two, you predict the overall winner or the winner of a particular stage respectively, and in the third option you must say which of two comparable riders you believe will be higher-ranked after a stage or race. Other specific and exotic bets, such as the Tour de France Polka Dot Jersey (King of the Mountains) bet for the competitor with the best performance in mountainous terrain, also abound. For even more thrills, you can often enjoy live bets and place your cycling bets as you watch the action unfold. The more you immerse yourself in the world of cycling betting, the more you will know what cycling bets work for you and the more often you will win.

Tips and Tactics for Mobile Cycling Bets

Mobile Cycling Bet is a complicated exercise like horse racing betting, and there are many factors to consider. One of the most basic is the weather conditions as these will have a huge impact on rifer performance and you should always try to find out the conditions as near to the time you plan to bet as possible. It is also very worthwhile to look into the history of the riders’ performance on track conditions to see how they have handled different terrains, inclines and altitudes in the past. Cycling is a team sport, so you also need to consider the team’s game plan and back one that rides for the most points and stage wins as this strategy yields the best results.

In addition to these basic tips and the finer points of cycling betting that you will learn as you progress, you need to take care to manage your bankroll properly. To stay cycling betting for as long as possible, back stage winners with small cycling bets. It is always challenging to predict a winner, but this is reflected in high odds that mean smaller stakes spread on many competitors is your best chance at strong returns.

Ready for a Spin?

Cycling betting on races can be challenging, but the potential rewards match any risks. If you are tempted, read our reviews to find the best NZ mobile betting sites to begin your journey now.