NZ Cricket Betting Online

Cricket betting has been around nearly as long as the game of cricket has.  The first recorded cricket games were played during the 16th century and was known as creckett.  The game may have a Flemish origin but became England’s national sport during the 18th century.  As the British kingdom expanded, so did this civilized game.  Even royalty were recorded playing cricket in preference to contact sport.  The first professional games were recorded towards the end of the 17th century where high stakes were placed on the outcome of the cricket betting games.  The single wicket form of the sport attracted huge crowds with Cricket betting wagers to match.  New Zealand joined the test cricket expansion during the 20th century before the Second World War.

Types of Cricket Games You can Bet on

Due to the duration of international test games, some bettors prefer to wager on the outcome of a single day’s play instead of waiting for the three to five day games to conclude much like single day golf bets versus the entire tournament.  With the addition of one day international games which has a maximum of fifty Limited Overs instead of the traditional game where game continues until all the players have been balled out, betting has become even more exciting.  But it was the recent addition of twenty Overs games which made Cricket betting games as exhilarating as the original one wicket games were to bet on.

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Real Time Cricket Betting Games

Online Mobile Betting has become the preferred method of betting on cricket games.  New Zealand bettors can place their online cricket bets via their mobile devices which makes real time betting the most frequently used method of placing cricket bets.   This method of betting has vastly improved the odds instead of the traditional bookmaker bets placed at dedicated betting stations or even pubs.  You can bet professionally or just for fun by using your mobile phone or tablet.  This means you can place your bet no matter where you are.  New Zealanders will find the best Cricket betting games listed right here!

More Cricket Bets Options

Bettors can decide to wager on more than just the outcome of cricket betting games.  Best can be placed on which player will be named man the top batsman, which player will take the most wickets and who will have the highest running score.  Placing a bet on the winning team and on which teams will make it to semi-finals and world cup games is considered safe cricket bets.  In these cases a team’s current and previous winning history plays a big role in assisting punters with their cricket bets.

Cricket Betting Tips

New Zealand Cricket betting fans do not necessarily need to enjoy the game in order to place good cricket bets.  A bit of enjoyment of the game however goes a long way towards understanding and appreciating cricket.  Placing your sports bets online means you have better odds and cricket betting tips than what you would have placing your bet with a bookmaker.  This means you can still sit in the pub with your friends and enjoy the game while sharing in the excitement but with the added advantage of placing your cricket bets privately and at a better advantage than otherwise.  Place your bet at one of the suggested sites as only the best New Zealand Cricket betting games are listed here.