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SportsBet NZ Review

SportsBet has been a known and trusted online bookmaker in New Zealand for years, and now its mobile platform is continuing this legacy. We review all the best and brightest trustworthy mobile betting sites in New Zealand, and are proud to present this one as part of the line-up. Read the rest of our review to see why.

Outstanding software

SportsBet is easily accessible from any mobile device with internet capabilities, whether by downloading and installing an application or by visiting the site through a web browser. The inviting website is very easy to use and really facilitates smooth betting experiences. A great example of this is the small but significant feature of a back button that allows you to flick back one level when you are punting rather than having to start from the home page each time. This might seem like a paltry detail, but you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it. The mobile platform is constantly being developed and improved, so watch for new expansions to get the most from the application.

Exceptional entertainment

SportsBet caters to everyone’s taste, and offers a plethora of betting options. All of the national favourites such a Cricket betting, Rugby and football are well-represented, and handball, hurling and other unusual sports await exploration. Events in the entertainment industry or financial markets can also be bet on and can be very thought-provoking when you research them.

To put your punting experience into overdrive, the creative promotions can really boost your betting power and earnings. Your Sign-up Bonus is awarded in the form of a Match Bonus that you are free to use anywhere in the site, and you are looked after well beyond your first visit with regularly changing rewards.

Superb support

Seamless betting is even further ensured by the comprehensive options for banking and customer services at this betting site. Several trusted transaction options are available, in seven different currencies, so you can be sure you will be able to manage your money in the way that suits you best. You can perform all executive financial decisions on the mobile platform, which is very convenient and not always the case with wireless wagering Professional Customer Service Liaisons are available to deal with any concerns as soon as you arise, and can be contacted by telephone or live chat, whatever you prefer.

Another perfect example of the respect that the SportsBet team has for every valued patron is the way they treat them with the Justice Payouts. These are granted when an unexpected event, such as a sure thing dropping out of a race, occurs or when there is simply no obvious winner. The bookmaker does the honourable thing in these cases and refunds or pays out all punters. The world-class treatment at this site is unsurpassed.

Worthwhile wagering

If you are looking for a new sports betting site to add to your favourite options, look no further than SportsBet. This mobile bookmaker is pure style and class all the way through, and is devoted to every single player on the site Do yourself a favour and sign up today to be in that number.

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